Sunday, August 26, 2007


I took this picture awhile back. I love old signs like these. They just say "Welcome". My amish friend Fannie, that lives at this house just recently made me some dresses and aprons and a prayer kapp. She is also my penpal. She is teaching school this year and has asked me to come visit her school. I'm looking forward to visiting them. She has a six mile trip there and back, about a 40 minute drive, 80 round trip. Thats a long ways to drive one way. There have been men, which she calls "loafers", following the amish women around in their buggies and she's a little concerned but said not too scared, she said, "we have good horses". I guess she plans to outrun one. Hmmmmm. Needless to say I'm concerned for her. I took the kids a big bag of candy yesterday, she has several very young siblings. There are 12 kids altogher but most of them are grown now. This is the family that built our cabin. They are very dear friends. I've been thinking on what I will make them for Christmas, right now I don't have a clue. Sorry I've been missing in action for awhile. I've been sick and will be having tests run soon to see what the problem is. I'll be having a scope ran down my esophagus and into my stomach. Grrrrr, I don't like the sound of it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I stopped by my Amish friends home to have her do some sewing for me. As I pulled up in the drive I noticed the little boy softly sleeping in the shade of a big maple tree. He looked so comfortable it made me want to settle down for a long winters nap myself. The slamming of my car door, coming or going never made him miss one wink. As I backed my car out to leave, he still lay on the soft carpet of green grass. I'm sure he had a long day at school, and a full evening with his chores. It was a visit I won't soon forget.