Sunday, February 14, 2010


I will say snow is very beautiful. God designs each flake with precision and thought, He doesn't just scoop it up from His freezer and throw it down by the handfuls thoughtlessly. I believe it's a deliberate thought and action, planned out. Not that He has to plan, or not that it is any effort for Him whatsoever. The thought and planning of it is His perfection of His art. Another snow storm on it's way here, and God is in control. No, I won't complain. Because my God IS in control, and He is the ultimate weatherman, so no complaints from me. Thank you God for whatever picture you paint, and whatever color you choose to paint it with. I only ask that you help me to see the beauty in the whole picture, and not just the parts I like most. I give You praise, for You are worthy. (Cara Winship took this picture on her way to London KY, God parting the skys) Amazing photo.