Sunday, May 27, 2007


My papa loved birds, he loved to feed the birds and watch them. Sometimes in the dead of winter with the ground covered in snow and the trees bare, I'd look out the window into his old apple tree and it looked like it was full of big red apples but it would be redbirds. And the snow just made them look prettier. After he was gone I found this bird house he had made, and I took it home with me. It's hanging on my cabin until I find the perfect place for it. I thought it was precious.


This was my great grannies soap kettle. Mom gave it to me the other day. I just love it.

My pretty grandbabies! Owen holding his baby sister Calli Jo. I just love them to pieces.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Finally Nancy Jo, here are more pictures. You've seen the back way to the cabin thru the woods from my house. Here's looking at it from the other side. Sorry my porch was a bit messy. You can see my great granny's soap kettle sitting on the porch. My mama gave it to me the other day. And I intend to use it! The porch swing is old and worn, but I hadn't the heart to throw it out. It belonged to my grandparents. Me and grandma used to sit in that swing and sing "The Old Rugged Cross." The clothesline is only a makeshift one, I can take it down or put it up whenever I need it. You see the big oval washtub, the one on the bottom? Well that happens to be my bathtub. Sitting on the porch I watch the birds, and squirrels, and a family of rabbits. There is a deer run in the woods in the front of the cabin up on a hill. The family hasn't deer hunted much in these woods so it is plentiful with wild game. If you plan to spend the night in the cabin, you may get awakened by a "gobble, gobble, gobble." The wild turkeys make a couple runs thru each day, about 18 of them at last site. I hope you enjoy your visit and please come back soon. Oh.... leave me a post, PLEASE! I'd love to come visit you too!


On the way to the cabin today the wild roses were bloomed out and smelled heavenly. I opened the windows and the front and back doors of the cabin and the soft wind carried the fragrant smell inside. It was wonderful. The honeysuckle is just blooming out, and a wild fern grows next to the tree, ignore the poison ivy, I did. The air was heavy with the wonderful scent of the wild roses, they were intoxicating

Friday, May 18, 2007


My sweethearts practicing ball. The short one needs a haircut badly! The season started late this year, first practice is Tuesday. I'm excited! We love to watch our little shortstop play ball. He's a great pitcher too! My husband was a great ball player too, he taught our boy everything he knows. But I will say he is gifted too, when it comes to ball. When he first started playing we were shocked at his ability, he just seemed to be a natural. My friend Susan from "Penless Writer", was talking about her hubby and how blessed she was. And she reminded me of how blessed I am. I have a wonderful husband! He's my best friend, he's a great father, and a wonderful provider. He's been good to me, and I don't deserve him, I am sooooo blessed. I love you baby.


As we pulled into the driveway at this Amish home, we passed this elderly Amish lady. She was walking like nobody's business. I waved and she waved back. I couldn't help but wonder what her day had been like so far, and what she had to do when she returned home. The lady that we visited that day was busy washing clothes when we pulled in. The front of her dress was wet to her shoes. She dried her hands on her plain but handy apron. As many of you know by now, if you've visited here very often. You know that my heart longs for the quiet and tranquil life of the Amish. The gentle, safe haven and gentleness that my heart absorbs hungrily while I'm in their presence, is a pleasant treasure that is savored. I am happy for my little get-away cabin, when feeling overwhelmed it is the perfect place to come home to. I think I'll go there now, to my quiet retreat.


Looks like some kind of a crawly critter doesn't it? lol It's pretty tho'!


I have new curtains for my cabin. My mom made them for me, aren't they cute! On the bedroom side we're doing muslin curtains. I absolutely love them and I love the fabric! My mom is a perfectionist so you won't find anything wrong with these curtains, lol.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Follow me, down the hill

across the creek,

up the hill,

and around the bend,

My favorite place in the world.... My little get-away cabin. Leave your cell phones, computers, and bring your lantern and favorite craft or a good book and let's sit a spell.

Friday, May 11, 2007


I could go on and on about the sacrifices you have made for me. The encouragement you've given me. You've been my friend when I had no other. You've taught me so many things. There's been times I was lost and with strong hands and a gentle love you directed me back to the right path. We've laughed together and cried together. You are my best friend. I love you Mom. You are a wonderful and beautiful woman, and I'm so proud that your my Mom. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

A day never goes by
that I don't think of you
I always see your smile
in Springtimes first bloom
A hymn is never sung
that I don't hear your voice
When I need to talk
your always my first choice
I can only hope to be
Half the mom you've been
I'm so thankful your MY mom
And my dearest friend

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Primitive patchwork tablerunner

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Monday, May 7, 2007


The tiny stones in these old glass bottles are more precious by far than any rubies, diamonds, or pearls. These old glass bottles contain tiny stones of wisdom, strength, and hope. This is their story. My grandpa would gather the eggs each day from the barn, and he would be to get each one so as not to be wasteful, and it didn't matter what nook or cranny near or far, he'd find the very last egg. He was a strong willed man, and would not admit that at his age he shouldn't be climbing. As he climbed up to the barn loft he lost his footing and fell backwards out of the loft. After awhile, realizing he couldn't make it to the house, he crawled to the fence row. Every car that passed he tried to get their attention by waving. Finally about 2 hours later a car stopped. The man ran up to the house to call an ambulance. After sometime, the paramedics finally got inside the gate to him, grandpa's horse was bucking and pawing at them. In his horse mind, he was protecting my grandpa. It turned out grandpa had a badly broken hip. In his late 70's this was a dangerous break. After surgery and a long recovery, my grandpa was back on his feet. He knew he would have to exercise and take care of himself if he was ever to gain his strength back. Years later, I found shelves overstuffed with big bottles, little bottles, fat ones and skinny ones. Each bottle filled to the top with tiny stones. There was probably up to 70 bottles or more. I asked about these bottles filled with tiny pebbles. My grandpa began to explain to me how everyday he walked the edge of the creek bed, and every step or two he'd bend to pick up two or three tiny stones. He went on to explain how that was his way of exercising, strengthening his hip and the muscles that had grown weak. It may not have seemed like such a great feat, had there not been soooo many bottles filled with so many of these tiny stones. What I seen was wisdom, strength, and hope for the future. Each one of my family members have their own bottle of precious stones. When I look at mine, I see the strong loving hands of my grandpa. The heart of a man that held on to hope. And the simple wisdom, that made all the difference.

Friday, May 4, 2007


A couple years ago me and my mom and my sister went to Stream Cliff Farms. It's a flowergarden/tearoom and they were giving short lessons on primitive grandma moses style painting. Well, this was my first attempt. I have never finished it as you can see the mucky looking piece to the right of the sidewalk. Don't know what I had tried to do, but was attempting to fix it, lol. And don't know why I jumped ahead and signed the darned thing, before I've even finished it. Don't know why I even signed it, attempting to feel like a painter maybe? Well, considering it all, I will say I was quite proud of my first attempt. My mothers painting was very good too, hers was of a sheep. But, my little sisters? Well, hers looked like a tree with fingers. I'm not putting her painting down, but it was hideous. It's kind of a family joke, we tease her about it. There's LOTS of things she can do, but primitive painting, and especially tree branches??? NOT, nope, not her thing. And she'll tell you so too. Mom fixed it but it turned out to be a sheep I do believe. How do you get a sheep out of a tree you ask? Well, all I can say is, you shoulda seen the tree!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


This beautiful old cabin sits alone and abandoned and decaying. It's such a shame. Every time we go to visit the Amish we pass this cabin. I noticed this time someone had mowed the lawn. I wish someone would save it, it's so pretty. I know it could be such a beautiful place given some TLC. I would love to go inside it, but we've never stopped other than last weekend so I could snap this photo of it.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I've opened me up an etsy shop. I hope everyone will stop by! I sold a pair of Amish made dolls I had, but I can get more if anyone is interested. You can go to "items sold" and click on that to see them. As soon as my amish friend gets them made they'll be posted. The next set may be spoken for though, not for sure yet.