Friday, March 30, 2007


While taking a walk today and looking at all the blooms that spring had to offer me today, I came across this dreaded character. You know the one, it pops up all over the yard masquerading as a "flower." I found this little clump out by my mailbox, and when I did I had to admit how pleasing to the eye it appeared. I thought to myself, awww, it is kinda pretty. They were created by my God, so they HAVE to be good for something. Unless it's just part of His good humour. I do believe my Lord has a sense of humor, but I also know that during His time spent creating He never wasted one moment or one teeny tiny bloom. I knew we could eat them, that's a plus. So, I said to myself, "Self, get online and look 'em up!" So I did. I was very excited when I found out just how healthy they are for us!!! God gave them to us for that purpose, I sincerely believe, among many other reasons I'm sure. Maybe it's just me and I've been in the dark, but I was very excited to learn more about this sweet intruder. Thank you Lord for little dandelions. I will never again look at them the same. Following I copied down what the word "dandelion" actually means. And also I'm placing two websites on here that you can look up and see just what all this little booger can do. PLEASE, do look at these two sites. They are very informative.
The dandelion is one of the most common and recognizable weeds. The official name for the dandelion is "Taraxacum officinale", which means "official remedy for disorders". There are many common names for dandelions, including priest's crown, Irish daisy, monk's head, telltime, blowball, and lion's tooth. I am adding another website that Mary beth told me about. It tells of medicinal uses and also that it's a registered drug in Canada, a diuretic I believe.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Christmas in Springtime

The joy of Christmas I believe is a condition of the heart. The joy of giving and of sharing can be felt year round. So I'm going to have a give-a-away to celebrate Christmas in Spring. To be entered for the give-a-way, post your message and tell me how we can have the joy of Christmas light the world year round. April 3rd I will pick a winner. The snowman lamp holds a tealight candle to help the winner light the world with the joy of Christmas EVERY day!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Little tin dishes, dressed in their Sunday best. Adorned with tiny blushing flowers. As I wash them, I imagine my life in detail, how I'll be when I'm a grown up. I stop and dip the teacup in the white porcelain dishpan of rinse water, I peek over my shoulder to make sure grandma's not watching and then take a long drink from the cup. I'll pretend it's coffee, yes, it's coffee now. I'm a grown up.
The dishes are washed. I take a walk down the drive, stopping along the creek bank to pick "sour grass". This will be my supper. I push my baby carriage with my sweet baby, she's sleeping softly. I'm a good mommy, I feed her and change her clothes.
Time to eat. The old maple tree stump is my kitchen table. I set my tiny tin dishes on the table and prepare for supper.
Washing the dishes again, I dry them and put them away. I wash my baby's dress in the porcelain dish pan. I gently twist it the way grandma does, and hang it on the line with big peoples clothes. It makes me feel real adult to hang the dress on the clothes line.
The sun is setting, the fireflies begin to blink. I run to catch them. I feel like a little girl again. The day is done. Me and grandma sit on the porch swing, she starts out singing The Old Rugged Cross. As I chime in, I'm happy that I'm a little girl. Today when I look at my little tin dishes, I feel like that same little girl.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Many years ago.....

She was a young girl in love first, then she became my grandma. Here is the story.
About two years ago me and my family cared for my grandpa not long before he passed away. We kept him at home so he was more comfortable and it was such an honor to be able to care for him, each day was precious. I was always close to my grandma, she passed away about 17 years ago. I never thought of grandma or even seen her in any other role other than, "grandma". She'd always been my grandma, she'd always be a grandma. Her and grandpa weren't rich. But they were better off than most people, they always had been. Or had they? Well, here's where the story takes a different turn. Late one night while taking care of papa I got bored and went to the closet. I began to feel and dig around on the top shelf. I found mine and grandma's old checker board and pulled it out. As I did, a heartshaped valentine candy box fell out. I bent down to pick it up. I shook it, I could tell something was in it, so of course I had to be nosy. I knew if there was any candy left it would probably have some type of personality by now. Ewww, scarrrry. I set it down on the bed and removed the lid. A stack of worn and yellowed envelopes lay inside. I squinted to read the faded lead pencil writing on the paper. It read Sylvia Mullins, Hazard Kentucky. Hmmm, that was grandma's maiden name. I pulled one out and it was addressed to my grandpa. I began to read the letters inside and I got to know a very young couple, who was deeply in love. Letters from her to him and from him to her. What a love story began to unfold. They letters began again, on into their marriage, when he had to go out of state to find work. They were then a struggling young family, trying hard to make ends meet. I seen them both in a whole new light. I got to know a side of my grandma that I had never known before. She had been a young woman once, deeply in love. She became a wife, and a mother. In one letter papa told her to have RJ milk the cow for her and shoot some coal out because she had been sick and papa was in Virginia. The next letter I read, grandma said the cow had went dry and the man couldnt shoot the coal out because he'd cut his finger off and was in a bad way himself. I had a wave of emotions reading these letters. They are precious to me. Out of all the nice things of my grandmothers that I have, this little heartshaped valentine box is the greatest treasure of all.

Handknit socks

This is my second favorite pair of socks. First time I used this Opal yarn and I love, love, love it! My favorite pair of socks are made in this same pattern only their ivory colored. I did the ribbing all down the front of the sock to where the toe begins. I thought it makes for a more interesting sock. This yarn is awesome though, I can't wait to get some more!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My sweetheart

Here's my husband, getting ready to go out the door. He's going in early because one of the officers was in a foot pursuit. He is a wonderful husband, and my best friend. He's a good father too. Well, I'll have to come back in a bit and finish working on my blog. My grandbabies just got here. Well, I had fun with the grandkids. Seems like Owen learns more everyday.
Like I was saying, I'm married to a wonderful man. He's very busy and I hate that we don't get to spend much time together with his schedule and the kids. But I'm thankful for every minute. I love him very much, and it was honestly, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! No joking. But I love him more today than I did 26 years ago. I am blessed to have him, and I thank my God for him today and everyday. I love you honey!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Baby Eli

Eli was smiling and cutting up a sight. He was soooo happy to be home. He missed everyone, he kept holding his tiny hands out and grabbing our faces. As you can see from the incision it was a very invasive surgery. The incision is from one ear all the way around to the other. And he's one tough little man to be as happy as he is. He's had a rough start in life, but he's a real trooper. Eli's mommy is my youngest sister. We're very close, and I worry about her like I do with my own children. But she done really well through it all, her and her hubby both. Me and Jenni (my sis) are very close, and I'm so very proud of her. She's such a good mommy, and I love her very much. As a person, she's probably the best person I know. She has a good heart, a BIG heart! And she's caring, faithful, honest, and the best sister or friend a person could want. I'm so blessed to have her in my life. It hurt me to see her worry about little Eli, but of course we were all scared and worried. I thank the Lord for my family. I know that God has big plans for our little Eli.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Crazy quilt block

This is my first crazy quilt block. My mom taught me of course, as she teaches me just about everything that I do. The top left corner is a piece from a small bible cover that I carried in my wedding. I embroidered my and hubby's initials on it. Right now I have been knitting and crocheting some dish cloths and embroidering some pillowcases. I'm planning on using the pillowcases in my cabin when we get settled. I'll show some of the pillowcases when I get a little more work done on them. When I was young grandma used to draw pictures on muslin cloth so I could embroider them. I still have one somewhere amongst everything, lol.

My Shelbi

Here is my youngest daughter Shelbi. She's a sweety indeed. We don't always see eye to eye, but we have fun together just the same. Sometimes she even thinks I'm "cool", lol. Owen and Calli Jo think Shelbi is the greatest Aunt ever!

Meet Owen and Calli Jo! My sweet grandbabies. Owen wasn't to sure about this little bundle of joy at first, but now he acts like she's been there all along. Their both so sweet, and I am such a proud granny!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa

This is my grandma and grandpa. They were very young in these photos. These are two of my favorite. I was very close to my grandparents and I miss them very much. It is great to know I will see them again one day. I'll share the story about my grandmother I wrote awhile back. I know it's already on here, but I'd like to post it with her picture.

Grandma's porcelain skin, graced ever so softly with tiny brown speckles. Her legs are slender
but strong, her knees covered
with fresh earth. As she stood she gathered her blue trimmed apron together with one hand,
gently, so as not to bruise the
red ripe tomatoes. While in the other hand, she carried a white chipped pail of savory
strawberries. With her shoulder she
reached up to wipe the sweat from her forehead, catching it just before it ran down into her eyes
and at the same time arching
her wrist, carefully balancing the pail of berries.
I continued to play, pushing my doll carriage up and down the hill. I stopped to watch as
Grandpa stood in the shade of
the old gray barn, brushing a chestnut mare till it shined like a new penny. I busied myself with my
baby-doll in her lavender
satiny dress. My faded tin dishes, trimmed a sage green with delicate pink flowers clinked
together as I washed them like
grandma had taught me. And Grandma was busy herself.
She washed the small harvest she had just plucked from the vine, still warm in her hands
from the hot sun. She dried
her hands on her apron's skirt tail and placed a tub of water on the cook stove to heat for her daily
It was getting on in the day and I felt my tummy rumble. I could hear grandma singing from
the wash-house as she
rhythmically scrubbed back and forth and back and forth on her old scrub board, the corners slick
and shiny from so many
washings. She turned grandpa's dingy clothes a bright white.
I hurried in the back door, the old gruff screen door screeched it's welcome and then blammed
shut. There it was, sitting
where grandma left it, waiting just for me. A fresh bowl of strawberries and cream, sweetened
with a spoonful of sugar and a
It was always the biggest treat to rush in the back door to find my bowl of berries sitting on
the table. And my
grandma's little knees, covered with the fresh earth as she knelt to pick those strawberries. And
as she knelt, she prayed.
She prayed for each of her children, grandchildren, and my grandpa. She always sought out little
niches of time as if it were
a treasure of spun gold, and never put off anything she could do today.
As the years flew by and her body became frail with age, she told me she missed being able to
kneel down on her knees to pray
and holding a handful of fresh warm soil in her hands. I wonder if she knows that I finally see the
wisdom in such humble and
simple accounts. Thank you Lord for my Grandma's dirty knees.
©Mikki Jo Howard 2007

Pretty Red Bird

Here is a photo of my great grandpa who is standing between his parents and my gggrandparents.

Isn't he pretty. He's in a huge pine tree in my front yard. We have birdfeeders out there and the pine tree often looks like an apple tree, lol.


Here is Samuel and Sarah. They look like their having a good day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Our Spring Visitor's

My sister called me today. She lives across the creek. She told me she'd looked out the window and the daffodils were in bloom. Here in Southern Indiana, that's a sure sign Spring is here for good. At least we're hoping so. I got out and took a stroll and just had to capture this small family of daffodils smiling for the camera. Aren't they sweet! I stopped by for a visit with my little sister Jenni, and on my way back home she had to lend me an umbrella. We're getting quite a shower. It's pleasant but will slow down my moving into the cabin. I'll have to wait until it drys up. But not even the rain could wipe the smile away that this little Spring visitor brought to my face. My bird feeders are running low, I have had quite a few visits from my bird friends too.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Home sweet home

It's such a beautiful day out today. I've been trying to clean up some in the yard to get ready for planting and things. I opened the windows up in the cabin to let some fresh air in, so I took a picture while I was there. Unfurnished, we've not moved in yet but will very soon. I love my windows, I found them at an antique mall. I had them hinge them on the side with a wooden turn knob on one side so they will swing open. The door you see is actually the front door and I had a leather latch string lock on it. You just pull leather strap from outside to lift the wooden slat on the inside. At night, you just pull in the leather strap to lock the door. On the back door tho', I had a white porcelain door knob put on it, but door is fashioned the same as front. There is a small window in the loft. You can see a kerosene heater in this pic. But we've not used it. My wood burning cook stove has not been installed yet. I can't wait till we get that done! I better get back outside and see what else I can get done.
~~Blessings, Mikki

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mom's coverlet

My mother has woven threads of love, strength, strong traditions and faithfulness that has knit our family together with ties that can never be broken. She is a strong, confident, and beautiful woman, and my best friend. She is very creative and I am sooooo proud of this coverlet that she crafted on her loom. The pattern is unbelievably gorgeous. I just can't say enough about it, and the picture really doesn't do it justice. Now, if I could just be patient enough to let her teach me.

My day with the Amish

Ok, I've never tried to take pictures of rugs before, lol. So I tried to take them where at least the woven pattern could be seen. We really enjoyed our visit to see the Amish. We usually go every Saturday to visit and buy goods. I love looking at their big barns and windmill. Sheep and cows and chickens and geese and turkeys, roaming around, busy with their own farm ways. I have goats, but would love to have some sheep. This Amish community have slowly switched from Wool sheep to a newer breed of "hair" sheep. Very interesting I thought. The wool market just wasn't bringing enough money and they were lucky to break even. The hair sheep are a meat market and they are doing very well with these. As my husband and I were looking at rugs, we watched two small boys make their way to the barn. Directly here they came with broadbrim felt hats in hand, each hat full and spilling over with brown eggs. It was picturesque. Another day with the Amish. I'm looking forward to next week.

Friday, March 9, 2007

1Peter 3:4 Adorned with a gentle and quiet spirit

Amish life. Oh how my heart longs for the quiet life that the plain people live. My heart, heavy with worry that the outside world pours onto it. Threatening complete drowning in worries. Worries for my children's future, worries of my regretful past mistakes. Wanting to make sure my kids have what they want, and not just what they need, more worry.
The Amish, protected from the drug war that threatens to bring down our beloved children, to steal the very life breath from their precious bodies. Protected from the, "keep up with the jones's" mentality.
Such a peaceful life they live. No raising of their voices to get their opinion across to spouse or child. But a gentle and quiet spirit, one that leaves whom ever may be in their presence with a sense of calm and peacefulness.
Oh that the whole world would be Amish. What a tranquil world it would be. I realize we don't have to be Amish to be adorned with such a spirit of tranquility, but my goodness, how we can learn from them.

Spring's Melody

I can hear the birds singing outside, oh how I love springtime. It's by far my favorite time of year. Everything coming to life again. I once heard someone say that Springtime is only a glimplse of the glory of God. I thought that was beautiful. It was the inspiration for the poem I wrote, entitled "Spring's Melody". I will post the poem today sometime. I enjoy writing, but haven't been doing a lot of it lately. There's nothing like springtime and birds singing to give inspiration though, don't you think?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

My heroes.... and aren't they handsome. This picture was taken by me after they whipped a major rival team on their ballfield, securing 2nd place in the tourney. They were ecstatic as well as myself. It was such a hot day, and the boys were wore out, but you should have seen them running to get their trophies!

My hero.... my daddy

One of my favorite pictures of me and my daddy. He's still my hero. We share a lot of the same interests, I think we have the same heart.

Time for baseball once again

Well, baseball season is here. My 13 year old son started his spring training today. He is usually on 2-3 teams every year. He plays shortstop, sometimes second and also pitches. Practices and training and all the games keeps us hopping but we love it! Love watching him play. He's very passionate and loves the game. He's always been number one draft pick, we're proud of that but try not to brag so as not to give him a big head, but it's hard not to brag a little bit, lol. This year tho' he will be on only one team, so far as I can see anyway. Fun Fun Fun!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Spring is on the way

Hurry hurry, sweet springtime! With shades of pink and blue. Dogwood and redbud's blooming such a breathtaking sight, I can't wait! It seems like it has been such a longgggg winter. Not much snow, but lots of cold, cold winds. I'm waiting springtime.