Monday, November 22, 2010


Know that I'm still here
We've left a legacy
And know that I'm smiling
When in them, you see me

Memories are very dear
But they're not all you have
You'll hear me softly
In our grandbabies laugh

Don't miss me so
I'll be right here
When you speak to God
Know that I am near

The "us" that you miss
Is with you still today
Just look into our childrens eyes
And you'll look "us" in the face

Look to our future
Our grandbabies as they grow
There we are again
Why we'll never grow old

For another generation
Will come and then go
But we will always be
Within their very soul

And when this old world
Comes to an end
We will all be together
Walking hand in hand

For Daddy November 22, 2010

My Mom

I don't know what a definition is for a regular Mom, but I know what my Mommy was and still is.

She was loving, brutally honest, and funny. She was real. She loved to give. She loved her family with passion. She loved her friends. She was loyal and faithful. She loved the Lord and if she didn't think you knew Him, you would after she told you all about Him. She was a child at Christmas time. She was creative. She was beautiful inside and out. She had the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen. She was my best friend. She loved my Daddy more than life, and you could see it when she looked at him. Today as the exact time approached that she left this earth, I stood out on my porch and looked toward the east. I just waited. The most pleasant breeze stirred the fall leaves and I smiled as I felt it against my cheek. I love you Mommy.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Happy Birthday dear Mandi. I love you so much and I am so proud of you. I smile when I see your creativity, I can see your Grandma in so many things you do and say. I know she is proud of you too baby. I love you.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WHAT IF.....

After looking at this picture of my Great Grandfather Joshua Mullins and my Great Great Grandparents Daniel Duff and Susan Mullins, I began to daydream of their lives. For you see, the further I can see back in time, the more I realize it's a miracle for me to be on this earth. What if.... Abraham DeMoulin and his wife had been discovered as they left France to come to Jamestown Virginia aboard the Ship Mary and Ann to escape religious persecution. What if..... William Grancer (Mullen) had not met his beautiful wife and had their sweet daughter Mary Agnes (Mullins). What if Edward Polly (Mary Agnes' husband) had been killed during the Revolutionary War. What if..... Randolph Polly had not escaped after being held prisoner during the Civil War. What if Daniel Duff Mullins the Rebel had killed a man that he had great love and respect for, Valentine, his Yankee enemy, his beloved father-in-law. Each one of these is a grandparent of mine, no matter how many generations ago. If their lives had not been spared, or they had loved a different woman, or chose a different road..... I wouldn't be here today. I am thankful for those that went before me, and I love them each and every one. I am who I am because of these people. Isn't it an amazing thing to look back thru time and see how paths crossed, how God protected, how faith survived. I don't see these people as dry bones, and long forgotten. I see them living and breathing, within my own soul and spirit. I hear their wisdom with my heart. I feel their love as I stand over the hallowed ground where they rest. I am proud of my Eastern Kentucky heritage. The faithful beloved mountains sheltered my family many many years, and gave forth an abundance of food and fare that kept and sustained them during the hard times. These same mountains cradle my loved ones, until the trumpet shall sound. What a glorious day that will be indeed.


God amazes me with His marvelous creation. The sun just rising over the ocean.
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Monday, May 17, 2010


God could have painted all of it
in simple black and white
Or gave us only color
of a golden sunlight

He could have made flowers with
no bloom or no scent
But He wanted us to know
they were heaven sent

He could have left the trees in the
state of winter
But instead he gave them leaves
to shade us from the weather

He could have made the sky
as dark as miner's coal
But instead he made it blue
with hues of kings gold

If you only look around and
consider it all
How can your heart say
there really is no God

©2010 Mikki Jo Howard

Friday, May 7, 2010

In Honor Of My Dear Mother


How wonderful it is to be reminded of special moments with you, Mom. The beauty of a sunrise reminds me of your love for God's beauty. A sunset reminds me of your beauty. An intricate woven dishcloth makes me think of your amazing talents of weaving and knitting and other primitive crafting. As simple and diverse come together to make a beautiful masterpiece, so was you my Mother, simple, yet intricately diverse, in your character, your love for family, your faith and your strength.
You had the gentleness of a newborn babe, and the courage of a highly decorated warrior. You were tender, but stern. You were tolerant and open-minded, but very opinionated. You were dedicated. You could be meek and mild mannered, but turn into a roaring lion when it came to your children.
When I hear a hymn I wish it was you singing. When I see a rainbow I wish you were standing next to me. When I pray I ask God to kiss you for me and tell you I love you. When I dream, I hope it is of you. When my grandbabies say something cute, I hope you hear. When I learn a new crochet stitch or knit a new pair of socks I want to say, "Look Mom!" I hope you see.
When spring boasts its new life and color, I hear your laughter. When fall blankets us with warm hues I see your eyes. When winter brings blowing snows, I feel your warmth. When the gentle summer evening brings a welcome breeze, I feel your breath upon my cheek.
The day you left I felt as if the world should cease to exist. I was shocked to see that birds still sang, flowers continued to bloom, and the sun still rose and set. But now I see beautiful reminders of you in each one, and I'm thankful for that.
I honor your memory today Mom, not because it's a special day, but because it's another day without you.
© 2010 Mikki Jo Howard



He missed his baby's birth
and the chance to hold her close
He missed her first words
but this is what he chose

He was nowhere near
when his son graduated
But a simple letter home
and the son was elated

An old woman grows more frail
as she offers one more prayer
She dies all alone
Her grand son isn't there

A young Mother struggles
with car and home repairs
Left all alone
with a burden she can't share

Still yet a husband sits
with his wife as they grieve
There son wasn't there
to fill the empty seat

What kind of man
could be so cruel
To abandon a loved one
why he must be a fool

What kind of man you ask
could live such a life
Our American Soldier is who
your freedom takes sacrifice

© 2010 Mikki Jo Howard

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Holding close to my heart
the warmth of by gone days
Only letting go awhile
to glimpse Heaven's Gates.

Taking in the fragrant breeze
that dances with the oak
Sun upon my face so warm
I wander down the road.

Home is where my heart is
I long no more to roam
Only life's breath holds me
'Til God shall call me home.

Time is not my friend
for it holds me prisoner
Stealing precious moments
that could be spent with her.

Songbirds sing to me
a love song sweet
Telling me to rise
"Rise, to your feet!".

"Eternity awaits you friend"
the melody sang loud
"Come home my son,
she's waiting for you now."
©2010 Mikki Jo Howard

Tuesday, May 4, 2010



The road was winding and winding, my heart was beating faster. I was about to drive down the narrow road that my
Daddy used to walk down when he was a child living at the end of the holler, up a little creek, in the shelter of an Eastern Kentucky mountain.
My eyes couldn't take it all in fast enough. My throat had a knot in it the size of a baseball I believe. I felt the tears stinging my eyes as I blinked them away, because I didn't want to miss a single thing. It's still fresh in my mind, the beauty and the feeling that I had finally come full circle. I was back where I belonged. Where my heart had craved to be since I was a child. But I never understood it, til my feet stood in the fresh green thick clover on the bank of Frozen Creek in Knott County Kentucky. My heart was content. If ever I felt a need, a craving, something left undone or unsaid. Those emotions were all satisfied in that moment. I was home. I knew that this is where I was supposed to be. God had indeed marked this date on the calendar for me to be standing exactly where my feet were planted. As I stood and looked at those mountains around me, I felt a security that I'd never experienced before. I explained this to my Daddy and he said, "Yes honey, I know how you felt. Like you were cradled in the Lord's bosom." And yes, that's exactly how I felt.

Having never been here before it's funny how I felt like I had left something here, and I had this day came back to reclaim it. That feeling came from the deep bond I have with my Daddy, and my family roots that are still deep in the heart of these mountains. I know that who I am, began many years ago, with blood, sweat and tears here in the beloved mountains of Kentucky.
I've heard many stories from my Grandma, Grandpa and my Dad and Mom of their lives here. Precious stories of hard times, but happy times.
Many years ago, my family took the great Ship Mary and Ann from England to the Jamestown River to escape religious persecution. From there, two children were born. One a brave warrior, a man of honor who helped to attain my freedom during the Revolutionary War. The other, a kind and patient woman. They met, fell in love, had their own children, and eventually made their home in beloved Kentucky.
The more I have learned of my family and their past, the more I have learned about myself and who I am. And I am thankful for the sacrifices made. I can never repay the debt that I owe to those that went before me. But I have walked in the shadow of their precious footsteps, down a dusty winding road, that lovingly led me back home. Home truely is where the heart is.

© 2010 Mikki Jo Howard


The path that lay ahead was insulated from strangers, and foreigners. At least for awhile.
The mountains wrapped around me like a security blanket,
I felt as if I was in the Lord's bosom, or my Mama's womb.
I would have objected if I'd known what the meaning of change would bring with it.
Many a loved one buried in these mines forever, for simply trying to
put food on the table. Sincerity was far from the coal company's heart, for
his heart was blacker than the coal that he stole from us.
Greed, selfishness, and the love of money was the root of our misfortune. The greed of the coal company and the love of it's money took a toll on the young man from Knott County Kentucky.
To furnish a young family man with a mining position, brought a crooked grin upon the coal company's
face. Months later, that young man aged far beyond his years, walks with a limp, is missing a
finger, and carries with him a cough that will carry him to his grave.
The crooked grin widens upon the face of the black hearted thief, as he watches the young
man limp down the dirt path heading home.
Greeted by his family, a smile almost erases the pain from the coal miner's tired and worn face.
Little hands reach up, holding the man's face between tiny palms.
The young man pulls the little hands to his lips,
gently kissing them. He made a promise to the black hearted thief, right then and there. "You
shall not dirty these little man's hands with your greed. By the grace of God, he shall not know
the sorrows and pain of a cold dark mine."
The young man kept his promise. Those little hands are today, calloused and worn after years
of their own hard work.
But never did they give up a dollar, to that black hearted thief.

© 2010 Mikki Jo Howard

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grandma's Wisdom

Today is the anniversary of my dear Grandma's passing. I miss her very much. She was a very wise lady, very energetic, loving, strong, and prayerful. She taught me many things growing up, and some lessons may not have been welcomed, but needed. She always had me a surprise when I would visit. She'd motion for me to come to her side and whisper in my ear, "Go look under Grandma's bed, I've got ya a play-purty under there." I would take off running and there was alway the grandest treasure. She loved to cook for her family, she enjoyed watching us eat. I always loved to sit on the porch swing with her, and we'd sing old hymns. She always told me I could sing good. She is the only person I have let listen to me sing. She was not only my Grandma, she was a very good friend. We shared a lot together. I loved listening to her tell stories of her childhood, even though some of them were painful for me to hear. She had a very hard life as a child, but you'd never known it. She didn't complain, and she was thankful for her life. I loved to watch her wash the clothes in the old wash house, she'd scrub on that scrub board like nobody's business and just sing away the whole time. I'd sit on the back stoop and just soak in the sun, and relish the beautiful voice of Grandma and the rythmic noise from the scrubboard as she washed the clothes. What a way to spend the day. Age is quickly sneaking up on me, and I pray I leave an imprint on my Grand children's hearts, the way my Grandma did on mine. My Grandma's wisdom and love is etched upon my heart, forever changed my life. And I pray I pass it to the next generation with as much elegance as Grandma used. I love you and miss you Grandma.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainy Day

We've had so much rain the past few days it's hard to get outside and do much of anything. I'll be glad for the weather to clear. Looking forward to warmer weather, fishing, camping and spending time at the cabin and with family. Love sitting around the fire and talking and just spending time with each other. With my sons baseball schedule it stays pretty hectic around here right now, but we love it. I know all to well how soon the chaos is over and the house is too quiet. So we enjoy every minute of having our last child home with us. God bless each child and grandchild, and may the Lord continue to bless our beautiful family.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lucky Guy

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My Quiet Day

Loved spending the day with my sweetheart riding around in the country and taking in the sites. The turtle I saved from being ran over by an Amish Buggy going 20 mph Whewwww. The pretty wildflowers caught my eye and made me smile. I love the grand old abandoned house and wondered of the loving family it once sheltered. The old International Tractor has seen better days but I loved it! So neat! The horses are gorgeous as they lazily graze in their luscious pasture. And the covered bridge just welcomes you to come see more! Thank you Lord for the beautiful day.
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Lazy Day

Some guy soaking in the day before the rain and winds came. Hope he caught some big fish!
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A Mother And Babies

See the little Momma watching over her young. I have worried about her all night after the bad storm we had
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Friday, April 23, 2010


Today I spent the afternoon with my sister Jenni. We had a great lunch from TOP NOSH, a wonderful little sandwich shop. Then I went to my daughter's and helped her set out her petunia's. They look so good. It was a rainy morning but as the day went on it was beautiful. I'm so thankful for my family. My precious Momma always had Petunia's, they remind me of her so much. I miss you Mom, and I know your heavenly garden must be amazing.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Day At The Cabin

A day at the cabin is so nice. Having a campfire and cooking over an open fire, this was a wonderful day. Special memories made that gently encourage me and make me smile during the hard times. This evening I think I'll spend some quiet time at the cabin. Maybe have some old fashioned singing and some good company. Life can be so sweet.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Is Everywhere

My favorite. Redbud trees in bloom. I wish they bloomed all summer!
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Wild Violets

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bridals Wreath

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Spring Is Everywhere

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Simple Things

It's the simple things in life that gives me such great pleasure. My hearts treasures, my favorite things. Childhood memories, forever etched in my heart, have helped to shape who I am. I spent a lot of time at this old well, drinking from a chipped white porcelain pail, trimmed with bright red, and a matching dipper. They sit in my kitchen today, and sometimes at my cabin. The old nest box my grandpa placed on the fence post have sheltered many a little bluebird family. Watching the sun set from the front porch of my grandparents home, now my parents home, is a perfect way to end the day. Napping on a bed of leftover fall leaves as the soft rays shine thru the tree tops, covering me with a warm sunshine blanket. Isn't life full of small miracles. Life's simplest things, a moment.... An instant.... can leave heartshaped footprints in our life. I am thankful for simple things and the treasures of my heart I love to share with you.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

High School Baseball

I love watching my son pitch and play shortstop. This is a very bad picture coz I took it with my cell. Here he is pitching against South Central.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring's Melody (repost)

This is a repost of a poem I wrote a couple years ago. Many times you will find blips here and there, I've never claimed to be an editor, lol. But I am a writer.

Spring's Melody

Springtime is only a glimpse

of the glory of God

The sunshine silently shouts

"AWAKE"-- his rays applaud

The redbud trees blush

as painted leaves burst forth

The flaxen lilies proclaim

that life is now reborn

Children's joy is heard

as a choir from above

A mother's heart assured

like the nesting dove

A gentle rain drifts in

on clouds of somber hue

The sun whispers goodnight

as his day is through

The great Oak stills himself

as his leaves breathe a sigh

The nightingale lulls me to sleep

with a babys lullaby

Copyright 2010 Mikki Jo Polly Howard

Springtime "Spring's Melody" Repost

Reposting this poem I wrote....

Springs Melody

Springtime is only a glimpse

of the glory of God

The sunshine silently shouts,

"AWAKE"--- his rays applaud

The redbud trees blush

as painted leaves burst forth

The flaxen lilies proclaim

that life is now reborn

Children's joy is heard

as a choir from above

A mother's heart assured

like the nesting dove

A gentle rain drifts in

on clouds of somber hue

The sun whispers goodnight

as his day is thru

The great Oak stills himself

his new leaves breathe a sigh

The nightingale lulls me to sleep

with a baby's lullaby

Copyright 2010 Mikki Jo Polly Howard

Rebirth and Renewal

This is what is so beautiful about Springtime! I think it's such a marvelous miracle. Out from under those dead leaves pops up these beautiful little wildflowers. Spring is like a soul being born again. Dead and lost until the spirit of Christ brings life. It's like a christian who has lost their way, He brings renewal. Resurrection for our soul that was dead. Isn't it something that God chose Springtime to raise His son from the dead? No coincidence in this. He gently reminds us with the renewal of life in Springtime that there is indeed life after death. Life everlasting. Thank you Lord.
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Little Chicken Farmer

Me and my grandson Owen went to buy him some chicks today. He's really excited and can't wait til they start laying eggs. We had such fun picking them out.
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Coin purse

Another photo but I love the little sheep canister.
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Sweet Coin Purse

Love this crochet and felted coin purse. Need to practice my embroidery, its been years since I really done any. So the teeny flowers aren't perfect.
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I love my Layla, don't ya think she looks extra smart today?
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Here is my favorite one. I just love the felting.
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I have been busy knitting and felting some really cute purses. Right now I'm working on a shawl, some pedi-socks, yet another shawl and a scribble lace scarf. I can never work on only ONE thing. Oh and add to the list mittlets, these are so fun to make! Will have to add pictures!
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Ohhhhh Spring is almost here, the wild roses will be filling the air with intoxication soon. The dandelions will be smiling and ready to be picked for dandelion jelly. I am excited and so ready for some Springtime. Isn't it a wonderful time of year in Southern Indiana? Renewal, that's what springtime is for.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I will say snow is very beautiful. God designs each flake with precision and thought, He doesn't just scoop it up from His freezer and throw it down by the handfuls thoughtlessly. I believe it's a deliberate thought and action, planned out. Not that He has to plan, or not that it is any effort for Him whatsoever. The thought and planning of it is His perfection of His art. Another snow storm on it's way here, and God is in control. No, I won't complain. Because my God IS in control, and He is the ultimate weatherman, so no complaints from me. Thank you God for whatever picture you paint, and whatever color you choose to paint it with. I only ask that you help me to see the beauty in the whole picture, and not just the parts I like most. I give You praise, for You are worthy. (Cara Winship took this picture on her way to London KY, God parting the skys) Amazing photo.