Wednesday, June 20, 2007


What a peaceful retreat a flower garden is. I am still working on mine this year. It has the look of an abandoned garden retreat. I love the look of unique and old containers and "accessories" in a flower garden. Here I used an old rocker, and my grandfathers old horse feeder to hold these sweet blooms that come back every year. This year I'm expanding a bit. I'm making a quiet place to sit and read a book or pray at the beginning of the path that leads to the cabin. And then halfway thru the path, at the edge of the creek, a bench and some hanging baskets. I still have a lot of work to do, but hopefully will get it done soon. We just returned from camping a couple days ago in case you all wondered where I've been. It was a nice break and I came back revived I believe. Thanks so much for stopping by and come back soon!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007


The other day while at the cabin I was resting in the peace and quiet. I felt a tugging at my heart, a need to pray. I prayed and spent some quiet time with the Lord. I enjoyed the birds singing and the smell of the honeysuckle coming through the cabin windows. I felt inspired and I sat down and wrote this poem while sitting on my cabin porch. I wanted to share it and I hope you enjoy it.


The inventions we’ve created in comparison are pale
To things that God has given us to numerous to tell
Please let me show you, if you will but listen
Turn off, turn down and unplug our witty inventions

I unplugged the radio with the blaring tune
And listened to the songbirds sing something new
It was a song so sweet and they were all on key
It was a gentle soothing song that God wrote just for me

I turned off the T.V. with the violence and shame
And instead watched my children busily at play
They were very entertaining and it made my heart glad
To know God has blessed me with all that I have

I turned off the air and sat in the shade of the trees
And enjoyed the coolness of the feather soft breeze
I sat there so still and said a short but silent prayer
Simply thanking God for His breath of fresh air

I turned off my computer with my lovely blog
And the sight of God's palette pulled me out of a fog
I took time to smell the roses and savor heaven's scent
The suns warmth upon my face felt like an old friend

Finally I unplugged the phone that rudely interrupts
And carries false and vicious tales entirely too much
Gently in my heart spoke that still small voice
I’d have never heard Him had I not turned off the noise