Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just Checking In

Mama and Daddy just a couple weeks before she moved to heaven.

Hi everyone. Just thought I'd check in. I haven't meant to take so long to thank you ALL for your prayers and encouraging words. They have meant so much, thank you. She was diagnosed with lung cancer on October 11th and 9 days later we found out it had also spread to her brain. Within 4 and a half weeks she was gone. I am still numb, and I'm not sure I've even really started to grieve yet. I've been keeping a journal and thats helped a lot I think. I have had trouble going to the cabin because me and mom had rearranged everything the day before she got really sick. I went day before yesterday but I couldn't stay long, it was bittersweet. Her tissues lay on the table and her coffee cup sat there also. The rocker was pulled up by the woodburning cookstove where she had left it, and the handle still sticking in the stove cap where she had lifted the lid to stoke the fire that day. It was a wonderful day though. We had found out 9 days before about the lung cancer, and the day after we had been to the cabin, she got sick and thats when we found out about the brain cancer. It just all happened so fast. Bless her heart, she moved the spinning wheel where she wanted it and the table and my great granny's trunk. My little cabin is just the way she thought it should be and that's the way it will stay. My precious daddy and mommy had a wonderful relationship and was so in love. He would still bring her flowers, every week he'd go and buy her a rose. They were like young sweethearts all the time. Watching my daddy's grief has been harder to bare than dealing with my own grief. Thanks again for your prayers.