Monday, July 9, 2007

Me and my son found this turtle in the yard a few weeks back. I believe it was trying to lay it's eggs. What a slowpoke it was, lol. I wish I would take things as slow sometimes, and just enjoy every minute.


GardenGoose said...

isn't nature just so fascinating..and just look at that artwork on the little guy's/gal's sure designs things so nicely..and all of the lessons we can learn from nature's always amazing to me.
hope you have a great weekend!

Melissa said...

Just passing through to say hi! Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope all is well your way. Take care!
God Bless!

Pura said...

Nature is always amazing isn't it?
God's amazing hands!!!
God Bless

Penless Thoughts said...

It's a pretty one with the coloring on its shell.

Bright Meadow Farms said...

That turtle is just SOOOOO cute!

JANET said...

Love your turtle photo. I took a photo of one a week or so back, and it turned out to be a snapping turtle! It was under my car and lucky I noticed him/her before backing out of the garage. After I went inside for a few minutes, it moved on.