Friday, May 7, 2010



He missed his baby's birth
and the chance to hold her close
He missed her first words
but this is what he chose

He was nowhere near
when his son graduated
But a simple letter home
and the son was elated

An old woman grows more frail
as she offers one more prayer
She dies all alone
Her grand son isn't there

A young Mother struggles
with car and home repairs
Left all alone
with a burden she can't share

Still yet a husband sits
with his wife as they grieve
There son wasn't there
to fill the empty seat

What kind of man
could be so cruel
To abandon a loved one
why he must be a fool

What kind of man you ask
could live such a life
Our American Soldier is who
your freedom takes sacrifice

© 2010 Mikki Jo Howard

1 comment:

shelbi89 said...

I cried like a baby reading this!!! :*( I love you mommy!!!! Your amazing and so is your writing!