Sunday, April 13, 2008

My sweet Daddy and grandbabies

What a beautiful picture. Little Calli Jo was showing her Easter dress off to her Great grandpa. He of course thinks it's gorgeous, but not as cute as Calli Jo. I'm sorry I've been gone for awhile, I hope I'm back now but I can't say for sure. Just going to take one day at a time. I've been busy with my donkeys and goats, so that has been good therapy for me. I will be posting some pics soon of my sweet pregnant donkey Pearl. Hope you come back to visit soon and thanks so much for all the prayers. Blessings


Marie said...

Glad to see you are back, can't wait to see pics of your donkey.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

So happy to see you back! We've missed your sweet posts! Hope all is well! Your grandchildren are beautiful! =)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Your grandchildren ARE beautiful.
And so is your dad :) Children sure have a way of showing us that life goes on. When my daddy died in '98...I was 4 mos. along and didn't even know it!

Candy Duell said...

It is wonderful to see you back. Your grandchildren are precious, and your dad looks good too.

I hope your doing ok!

Sue Neitzel said...

It's so good to have you back, I've missed you and your posts, photos and cabin stories! Hugs!!

Rose Mary said...

Hi Mikki Jo~I'm so glad to see you back!!! I've truly missed reading all of your posts! What sweet grandbabies you have, and your daddy looks so happy to have them there with him!

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of Pearl and then her baby when it arrives! I've wanted a donkey for ages!


Nancy Jo said...

Hi Mikki Jo,
How nice to see you about again. Try and stay with us, its good for the soul.
Do you still have your little cabin that was just all for you? Maybe we could see some pictures of that again. I always liked to see what you were up to with that.
Remember the clouds will always be there. Look past them to the sun.

Super B's Mom said...

Oh those grandbabies are so precious I could just eat them right up! hehe That dress is too cute! :)

I'm thrilled to see you back. Can't wait to see pics of Pearl! :)

Hope you have a great week!

Ali said...

Good to see you back :-)

Daughter of the King said...

Glad to see you back.
What sweet pictures.