Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring's Melody (repost)

This is a repost of a poem I wrote a couple years ago. Many times you will find blips here and there, I've never claimed to be an editor, lol. But I am a writer.

Spring's Melody

Springtime is only a glimpse

of the glory of God

The sunshine silently shouts

"AWAKE"-- his rays applaud

The redbud trees blush

as painted leaves burst forth

The flaxen lilies proclaim

that life is now reborn

Children's joy is heard

as a choir from above

A mother's heart assured

like the nesting dove

A gentle rain drifts in

on clouds of somber hue

The sun whispers goodnight

as his day is through

The great Oak stills himself

as his leaves breathe a sigh

The nightingale lulls me to sleep

with a babys lullaby

Copyright 2010 Mikki Jo Polly Howard