Monday, November 5, 2012


A Mother’s love is draped over her child as a covering of protection and strength. Tucked in tightly here and there to leave nothing exposed. The mind, to safeguard against ungodly things. The feet, to strengthen the long journey ahead. The hands, to prepare for a life’s work. The heart, to soften for the acceptance of love and strength for the heartbreaks that shall surely seek to destroy it. The covering of love has been anointed by the Holy Spirit. It’s been given the wisdom of God. It knows when to un-tuck a corner, and when to tuck another corner in even more tightly. A Mother’s love is not perfect in that it always hangs on or turns loose when it should. But it’s perfect in it’s purity, and loyalty. The day comes when that Mother shall take her last breath. She is gone now. Where is the covering of love? Is it also gone? Oh no, it will never leave. This is when the mantle of love reaches it’s maturity. It comes full circle now. That love shall cradle the child, bringing strength and comfort. A Mother’s love spans all generations, and death has no hold on it. A Mother’s love, it is miraculous. ~~Mikki Jo

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