Monday, November 22, 2010


Know that I'm still here
We've left a legacy
And know that I'm smiling
When in them, you see me

Memories are very dear
But they're not all you have
You'll hear me softly
In our grandbabies laugh

Don't miss me so
I'll be right here
When you speak to God
Know that I am near

The "us" that you miss
Is with you still today
Just look into our childrens eyes
And you'll look "us" in the face

Look to our future
Our grandbabies as they grow
There we are again
Why we'll never grow old

For another generation
Will come and then go
But we will always be
Within their very soul

And when this old world
Comes to an end
We will all be together
Walking hand in hand

For Daddy November 22, 2010

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