Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good For You


Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss having my own chickens. I love the whole act of going to the chicken coop to collect the eggs. :)

Nancy Jo said...

Mikki Jo,
That looks like a fun day. My daughter and son in law have a cabin about 30 miles from here right in Amish country. In fact that puppy on my site was bought from the Amish. Anyway, when we are down at the cabin My daughter and I go to the Amish houses, I have a few rugs, an apron and a basket, We always get the cheese that they make.I love talking to them.
How is your cabin coming along?

~~Mikki Jo said...

I've been very busy with the cabin. And Saturday we had our parents over and I cooked beefstew over the fire and made cornbread and apple cobbler with the coals in my dutch ovens. It was a fun time. I'm still working on it and I don't have everything done yet, mom just about has the curtains done.