Monday, April 2, 2007

MISSING: Amish doll

She was last seen on a country road inside a homey and primitive family farmhouse. She has distinguishing handmade stitching and she appears to be stuffed. At last sighting she was naked, and appeared to be very troubled. Awaiting her new outfit took longer than she had expected apparently. If seen please post to this blog.
IN THE BEGINNING: My mother handstitched this lovely doll from an old Amish pattern. She sat in moms rocker for sometime when Mom gave her to me. One of us was going to HAVE to dress this poor thing. So, I took her home, and sat her in MY rocker. There she sat, and sat, and, she sat some more. In the meantime, as I would go to visit the Amish to see how my cabin was coming along that they were building for me and my dear husband, I had one of the Amish women make me a set of Amish dolls. The ones she made are a bit bigger than this doll. Well, Mom asked me sometime later to just bring the doll back and she would make her some clothes. So, that's what I did. I then, again, sometime later, asked the Amish lady to make her some clothes, so I could give them to mom for the doll. Well, she did, and..... I did. Take them to mom that is. Mom said, "I don't have that doll. I gave her to you!" "Yes mom, but you asked me to bring her back, and I did." "No you didn't Mikki". Then dad chimes in, "No you didn't honey, I've not seen that doll in forever." Hmmmmmmm. Uhohhhh

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kim said...

My Amish baby from Shipshewanna is suckingher thumb with her blue patchwork baby blanket. Reminiscent of me sucking my thumb with MY blue baby blanket (which I still have lol!).