Saturday, April 14, 2007


Here's my quaint little kitchen. Please excuse the table, I've got to do a little work on it, and add a runner or tablecloth. The chairs are ok, I'm not in love with them. But I have some older ones with woven seats that I'll be using, their hanging in my sisters garage right now. The chandelier is not the one I wanted but I found this one for 1.50, about 100$ less than the cast iron one I liked, lol. I absolutely love it, simply because it gives so much light at night. It actually lights the whole cabin, makes a really big difference. Note the candles in it almost burnt down. A dead giveaway that I stayed up late the night before, haha. No curtains as of yet, I've still got to pick out the fabric. I think they will make a big difference, don't you?


Penless Thoughts said...

Oh I like the chairs. The shape of the backs are very different and special (in my opinion)!

Homestead Mercantile said...

I love the chairs. Is there a certain time frame you are staying within for the 'right' pieces? Or are you just going with your gut and what you like?
How fun for you...we are all jealous! What do you do when in the cabin, read, needle work, sit and think? Is there a place to cook?

~~Mikki Jo said...

Pamela, I'm mostly staying with heirloom pieces as much as I can. Some things I thought had a little character and I just liked them. I have an antique woodburning cookstove that I'll be using, but am waiting to lay the brick to set the stove on. It has 4 burners and the side is the oven door. The wood goes in the front, you use the lid lifter for the burners to lift this part up too to place the wood in. I have my grandma's old butter churn I've not taken out there yet. My great grandma's singer treadle sewing machine, I'm going to leave here in my house. I don't want the dampness to damage it. What do I do? A lot of praying, and getting reaquainted with myself. I'm knitting on a shawl while I'm out there. I read, and I keep a journal for my children, grandchildren, and my someday great great grandchildren that I will probably never meet, but I want them to know me. And not know me only from someone elses memories, but from my own accounts, my own stories, and my own memories. I talk to them as if there right there with me, and I hope it will be something they treasure when I'm gone and would otherwise be only a stale memory to my great granchildren had they not had my journal to read.

Lucy said...

Your house is just like th e Little House ! I love to see it. Don't you think that a red/white gingham plaid would be nice for the curtains?