Thursday, March 8, 2007

Time for baseball once again

Well, baseball season is here. My 13 year old son started his spring training today. He is usually on 2-3 teams every year. He plays shortstop, sometimes second and also pitches. Practices and training and all the games keeps us hopping but we love it! Love watching him play. He's very passionate and loves the game. He's always been number one draft pick, we're proud of that but try not to brag so as not to give him a big head, but it's hard not to brag a little bit, lol. This year tho' he will be on only one team, so far as I can see anyway. Fun Fun Fun!

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Anonymous said...

Hi mickey jo it's me "SUE" I just wanted to say baseballs a fun sport to play and I bett your son is the best.