Friday, March 16, 2007

Pretty Red Bird

Here is a photo of my great grandpa who is standing between his parents and my gggrandparents.

Isn't he pretty. He's in a huge pine tree in my front yard. We have birdfeeders out there and the pine tree often looks like an apple tree, lol.


RoseMary said...

Great old famly photo. I love the pic of the cardinal--I've been trying to snap a good one for a couple of weeks with NO success! I enjoy feeding the birds, too. They've finally become accustomed to our chickens scratching beneath the feeders and don't fly off whenever they are there, now.

Sue said...

Cardinals are one of my favorite birds, we had one fly inside at Christmas time one year, made it extra special!

~~Mikki Jo said...

One of mine too Sue. I love them.