Sunday, March 11, 2007

My day with the Amish

Ok, I've never tried to take pictures of rugs before, lol. So I tried to take them where at least the woven pattern could be seen. We really enjoyed our visit to see the Amish. We usually go every Saturday to visit and buy goods. I love looking at their big barns and windmill. Sheep and cows and chickens and geese and turkeys, roaming around, busy with their own farm ways. I have goats, but would love to have some sheep. This Amish community have slowly switched from Wool sheep to a newer breed of "hair" sheep. Very interesting I thought. The wool market just wasn't bringing enough money and they were lucky to break even. The hair sheep are a meat market and they are doing very well with these. As my husband and I were looking at rugs, we watched two small boys make their way to the barn. Directly here they came with broadbrim felt hats in hand, each hat full and spilling over with brown eggs. It was picturesque. Another day with the Amish. I'm looking forward to next week.


RoseMary said...

What a great way to spend your Saturdays, Mikki Jo! You must look forward to it every week. I could just picture those two little boys with their hats full of eggs! Do you buy a lot of food products from the Amish? I've heard they are wonderful cooks. The rugs are fantastic--I'd love to learn how to weave. Not that I have room for a loom in our little cabin! I do have a quilting stand that my pastor made and I hope to set it up next winter. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday. God Bless!

Sue said...

Love the rugs, and the colors are so warm and cozy. Good job on the photo too!