Saturday, March 24, 2007

My sweetheart

Here's my husband, getting ready to go out the door. He's going in early because one of the officers was in a foot pursuit. He is a wonderful husband, and my best friend. He's a good father too. Well, I'll have to come back in a bit and finish working on my blog. My grandbabies just got here. Well, I had fun with the grandkids. Seems like Owen learns more everyday.
Like I was saying, I'm married to a wonderful man. He's very busy and I hate that we don't get to spend much time together with his schedule and the kids. But I'm thankful for every minute. I love him very much, and it was honestly, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! No joking. But I love him more today than I did 26 years ago. I am blessed to have him, and I thank my God for him today and everyday. I love you honey!!!


Tammy said...

He looks like he takes his job serious!!
I promise to be good officer!!

~~Mikki Jo said...

Lol, your too funny Tammy!!! Have a wonderful Sunday. ~~Blessings

Sue said...

I won't be speeding on his beat!! lol It's nice to honor our men now and then! lol