Friday, March 9, 2007

1Peter 3:4 Adorned with a gentle and quiet spirit

Amish life. Oh how my heart longs for the quiet life that the plain people live. My heart, heavy with worry that the outside world pours onto it. Threatening complete drowning in worries. Worries for my children's future, worries of my regretful past mistakes. Wanting to make sure my kids have what they want, and not just what they need, more worry.
The Amish, protected from the drug war that threatens to bring down our beloved children, to steal the very life breath from their precious bodies. Protected from the, "keep up with the jones's" mentality.
Such a peaceful life they live. No raising of their voices to get their opinion across to spouse or child. But a gentle and quiet spirit, one that leaves whom ever may be in their presence with a sense of calm and peacefulness.
Oh that the whole world would be Amish. What a tranquil world it would be. I realize we don't have to be Amish to be adorned with such a spirit of tranquility, but my goodness, how we can learn from them.


RoseMary said...

Hi Mikki Jo, it's so nice to meet you. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I already love coming to Strawberries n Apronstrings. The quiet, Amish way of life does sound so appealing at times. Course I wouldn't have met all the wonderful ladies out in blog land that I have, so far! But the blessings from the Lord are so good everyday. Did you make the dolls? They are precious!

RoseMary said...

Hi Mikki JO. The cabin you talked about on my blog sounds wonderful! We've talked about doing a little one room cabin on the hill behind our house, so we could 'get away from it all' without having to leave the place. My husband really likes the butterfly picture on your blog. Did you take it?

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hello Mikki Jo!
Yes, the Amish are interesting folks. I live in an area where we are surrounded by Amish communities. They do a lot of woodworking for us and I often find it fascinateing, in a comforting sort of way, to see them going about their daily lives.
I've really enjoyed your blog and your poetry! It is very nice to meet you!
Thanks for stopping by the cabin and have a great weekend!
Claudia O.

Homestead Mercantile said...

So beautifully put. Delightful post. We English may not live with the same simplistic lifestyle...but can in our hearts live each day in service to God, by serving and loving our families.
I too would love to personally know and have fellowship with an Amish family. I think we all could learn so much from them.
You spoke of the problem in our society of drugs...this one aspect has had devastating consequences for my children. It has been very difficult to go through. The thing I can say though is that God has still been there for me and boy have I ever grown in Him and learned to trust Him. So it has been worth it...never thought I would say that. But my faith is so very strong now because He has worked miracles in our lives. I have a boldness that I never would have had before going through the trials over the last few years. So as the word says, "All things work together for those who love Him."

Brin said...

Hi Mikki Jo,

You don't know me, but I followed a few links (not sure from where, though!) to your blog. And I wanted to say that this entry is so insightful, well-spoken, and completely thought provoking... You are a treasure!

Oh! And I am captivated by the pictures of your cabin! How incredibly wonderful. I can't wait to read down farther and learn more about you and your place!

Thanks for letting me stop by,