Friday, March 16, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa

This is my grandma and grandpa. They were very young in these photos. These are two of my favorite. I was very close to my grandparents and I miss them very much. It is great to know I will see them again one day. I'll share the story about my grandmother I wrote awhile back. I know it's already on here, but I'd like to post it with her picture.

Grandma's porcelain skin, graced ever so softly with tiny brown speckles. Her legs are slender
but strong, her knees covered
with fresh earth. As she stood she gathered her blue trimmed apron together with one hand,
gently, so as not to bruise the
red ripe tomatoes. While in the other hand, she carried a white chipped pail of savory
strawberries. With her shoulder she
reached up to wipe the sweat from her forehead, catching it just before it ran down into her eyes
and at the same time arching
her wrist, carefully balancing the pail of berries.
I continued to play, pushing my doll carriage up and down the hill. I stopped to watch as
Grandpa stood in the shade of
the old gray barn, brushing a chestnut mare till it shined like a new penny. I busied myself with my
baby-doll in her lavender
satiny dress. My faded tin dishes, trimmed a sage green with delicate pink flowers clinked
together as I washed them like
grandma had taught me. And Grandma was busy herself.
She washed the small harvest she had just plucked from the vine, still warm in her hands
from the hot sun. She dried
her hands on her apron's skirt tail and placed a tub of water on the cook stove to heat for her daily
It was getting on in the day and I felt my tummy rumble. I could hear grandma singing from
the wash-house as she
rhythmically scrubbed back and forth and back and forth on her old scrub board, the corners slick
and shiny from so many
washings. She turned grandpa's dingy clothes a bright white.
I hurried in the back door, the old gruff screen door screeched it's welcome and then blammed
shut. There it was, sitting
where grandma left it, waiting just for me. A fresh bowl of strawberries and cream, sweetened
with a spoonful of sugar and a
It was always the biggest treat to rush in the back door to find my bowl of berries sitting on
the table. And my
grandma's little knees, covered with the fresh earth as she knelt to pick those strawberries. And
as she knelt, she prayed.
She prayed for each of her children, grandchildren, and my grandpa. She always sought out little
niches of time as if it were
a treasure of spun gold, and never put off anything she could do today.
As the years flew by and her body became frail with age, she told me she missed being able to
kneel down on her knees to pray
and holding a handful of fresh warm soil in her hands. I wonder if she knows that I finally see the
wisdom in such humble and
simple accounts. Thank you Lord for my Grandma's dirty knees.
©Mikki Jo Howard 2007


Tracey said...

What sweet, early pics of your grandparents! I love old family treasures like that.

~~Mikki Jo said...

So do I Tracey. They are precious. Thanks for visiting and come back real soon.

RoseMary said...

Thanks for reposting your story, Mikki Jo, I enjoyed reading it again. I love to look at old photos! I treasure all the old family photos that I have and even the old unidentifiable ones! Have a great day.

Deb said...

Such a beautiful story. It's wonderful to have old photos.

Sue said...

Very sweet!! I wish I had more old photos of my family, they are such treaures to have!

Nancy Jo said...

HI Mikki,
Yes me too, love old pictures, I'll have to post a few.
I just packed up your package will mail it out tomorrow.
I was very close to my grand parents also and miss them everyday.

~~Mikki Jo said...

Oh thanks Nancy Jo!!! I cant' wait!
Have a great day.

Beemoosie said...

That is beautiful Mikki Jo! A gift to have lived it and gift to be able to express it in such a wonderful way!